“Race & Harness Horse” Ice Buckets – Decanters – Pitchers


Exclusive Harness and Horse Racing Decorative Horse Gifts from HorseGift.com
Created by Patrick & Susie

Let’s go to the track!!!! Whether you’re an owner, breeder or fan of America’s second most popular spectator sport Horsegift.com has set shattering course records with their collection of Harness and Horse Racing horse gifts. It’s no match racing. Your gift recipients will be the Stakes Winner with a product from Horsegift.com. Don’t get into a neck and neck battle, spend those winnings.
Check out our etched glassware, (etc) These items are just what we say “one of a kind”.
Come back often to see what we have created new just for you.

"Harness & Race Horse" Ice Buckets - Decanters - Pitchers

“Harness Racer” Ice Buckets, Decanters & Pitchers


"Race & Harness Horse" Ice Buckets - Decanters - Pitchers

“Jockey” Ice Buckets, Decanters & Pitchers


Horse Racing & Harness Racing Gifts

“Race Horse” Ice Buckets, Decanters & Pitchers