The Finishing Touch for the Christmas Tree and the Gift Wrapped Packages.


Horse Tree Topper

Finally a horse Christmas Tree Topper for all you horse lovers with trees full of horse ornaments. The horses are hand painted in colors as shown and since their blankets are hand made each one is different. The topper attaches very easily with an artificial green attached to its body. Available in two sizes, 4" by 5".  4 inches tall and 5 inches wide $24.98 & 5 ½ inches tall and 7 ½ inches wide $32.98. Makes a great gift but you will need one for yourself, too.

Horse Gift Topper


When gift wrapping presents for your BFF (who also loves horses) make sure to: Place a horse gift topper on the box or bag. Each set of 4 comes with 2 horse heads, a standing horse and a trotting horse on a scalloped felt ball and/or snowflake ornament in 4 different equine colors and embellished with a Merry Christmas and sequins. They can also be used as ornaments or decorations. The gift toppers come with a red string to attach to a package or hang and measure about 4 inches. Each set is a different assortment of horse colors but do include 1 red, blue, green and white ball and/or snowflake. A great deal for just. $8.95.